Condition Guide

M/NM (Mint / Near Mint)

Near mint

A card in Mint / Near Mint condition will have no more than very minor wear, or may have a minor nick along one edge of the card.

EX (Excellent)


A card in Excellent condition will show signs of minor play.

A card in this condition may exhibit one or more of the following:

*      Very small marks on the sides of card
*      Light wear around one or more edges of the card
*      Minor corner wear
*      Minor surface scratches
*      Small binder bending
*      Foils - minor clouding

All artist-signed cards that are otherwise in M/NM condition will be graded as Excellent.

(PL) Played


 A card in Good condition but will show more significant wear. A card in this condition may exhibit one or more of the following:

*      Whitening around multiple sides
*      Fading/whitening of front and/or back surface of the card
*      Shuffling marks/creases at the edges of the card
*      Distinct corner wear
*      Moderate binder bending
*      Clearly visible surface scratches
*      Minor creasing
*      Minor inking
*      Very minor water damage
*      Foils - major clouding

Played condition cards will also include:

a) All artist-signed cards that are otherwise in EX condition.
b) All Premiere Event stamped cards that are otherwise in M/NM, or EX condition.
c) All cards which have been written on by previous owners, but are otherwise in NM or EX condition.

You should assume that opaque sleeves will be required to play a Good condition card in sanctioned tournaments.

HP (Heavily Played)


Heavily Played cards may show extreme wear.

Most Heavily Played are generally tournament playable sleeved or double sleeved. We sell very few individual cards in this condition on our website in addition to selling Heavily Played cards as part of some clearly-named lots. Heavily Played cards are primarily sold in-person at events so the purchaser may view the card before making a purchase. Heavily Played cards can have the widest range of condition issues.

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