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Future Sight Fate Blaster Precon Theme Deck

Future Sight Fate Blaster Precon Theme Deck

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    Dating back to May, 2007

    Factory Sealed Theme Deck - includes:

    60-card preconstructed deck

    Strategy Guide

    The “Fate Blaster” deck is designed to let you get ahead of yourself. That’s because you’ll have your head in the future, molding fate to your whims.

    This deck is packed with scry effects, from Mystic Speculation to Riddle of Lightning to Cryptic Annelid. Keep manipulating the top of your deck, and you’ll keep drawing the cards you need. Magus of the Future will ramp your magical meddling into overdrive, as you’ll be able to play cards right off the top of your deck, before you even get to draw them! If your scry cards don’t help you find the Magus fast enough, Vedalken Aethermage’s wizardcycling ability will pull it right into your hand.

    But why stop there? Fool around with your opponent’s fate, too, by using Spin into Myth’s fateseal ability or by attacking with Barbed Shocker. The Shocker’s ability is especially nasty if you’ve just used Venser’s Diffusion or Aven Augur to sweep away your opponent’s best creatures. Keep your opponent off-balance long enough, and your extra cards and idealized draws will ensure that the future holds your victory!

    Deck List:

    14 Island

    11 Mountain

    2 Sage of Epityr

    2 Vedalken AEthermage

    1 Dandan

    3 Blind Phantasm

    2 Aven Augur

    3 Crytpci Annelid

    1 Magus of the Future

    2 Emerwilde Augur

    2 Stingscourger

    1 Uthden Troll

    2 Barbed Shocker

    1 Boldwyr Intimidator

    2 Mystic Speculation

    2 Venser's Diffusion

    1 Forsee

    1 Frozen AEther

    1 Shapshifter's Marrow

    2 Spin into Myth

    1 Fatal Attraction

    2 Riddle of Lightning

    1 Shivan Meteor

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