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Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Commander Deck - Upgrades Unleashed

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  • Description
    1 foil-etched Display Commander

    2 foil Legendary cards

    98 additional Magic: The Gathering cards

    10 double-sided tokens

    1 Life Wheel

    1 deck box
    Deck Dimensions: 2.205" x 7.323" x 6.181"

    UPC: 195166105352
    SKU: C92010000
    About this item

    - Minimal, plastic-free packaging for less waste
    - Includes a 100-card ready-to-play Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Commander deck.
    - Commander Deck includes 2 traditional foils & 98 non-foil cards.
    - 1 foil-etched Display Commander.
    - Introduces 15 Magic: The Gathering cards not found in the main set.
    - Contains 10 double-sided tokens and life tracker.

    (Note: The Upgrades Unleashed Commander deck was inadvertently printed with two copies of Mossfire Valley instead of an additional basic land. Players wanting to play the deck in Commander should swap out the extra copy of Mossfire Valley for a basic land or the land of their choice.)
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