Buylist Terms

Use the Sell Your Cards link in the main menu to search the buylist for cards we are looking to buy. When you have found the card, input the quantity and click Sell. View your cart by clicking on "Buylist Cart" at top right hand corner of the site. When you're ready, click Checkout. Please sign in or create an account and let us know how you would like to receive payment.

Once you've sent us your buylist you will receive two emails from us, then we will check we still want to buy all the items on the buylist. This usually takes less than one working day but please check the details on the email since the quantities and prices of cards may change. If you do not hear from us in two working days please email us at

We expect all cards bought to be mint or near mint condition unless specified. We reserve the right to revise prices down if cards are not in mint or near mint condition. We also expect all cards bought to be English unless specified. We will either return or pay 50% of value for non English cards.

Payments can be made by Paypal (which may incur a charge for receiving payment) or by store credit. We pay an additional 25% value if we pay in store credit. Buylist requests will normally be processed in three working days and once approved you will receive an email detailing instructions on how to package and where to send your cards.

We will return the cards we receive at your expense or suggest a proposed price if they do not exactly match your original buylist or are a different printing. After 2 working days we will complete the buy at the proposed price if we havent heard from you.

We aim to contact all buylist contacts if card values depreciate more than 25% due to card conditions. We will go ahead with the buy if we dont hear from you in two working days.

If you would like your buylist returned please contact us at In this case we normally charge a fee of £11.05 to cover postage and admin costs.